Risk management

Risk management We analyse our context and manage both risks and opportunities. This helps us prevent possible impacts, improve our planning systems, and achieve sustainable profitability that balances corporate growth with better quality of life for the communities where we operate and with environmental protection.… Leer más »Risk management

Human rights

Human rights The oil and gas industry frequently operates in regions that pose significant challenges in human rights such as practices related to the operations’ physical security, relations with ethnic communities, and freedom of association. Our approach is to anticipate and prevent direct and indirect… Leer más »Human rights

Board of Directors in 2020

Board of Directors in 2020 30 Michael Hibberd, Chairman, Independent Director Ariel Merenstein, Independent Director Charle Gamba, President, CEO & Director David Winter, Independent Director Francisco Díaz, Independent Director Gonzalo Fernández-Tinoco, Independent Director Gregory D. Elliot, Independent Director Juan Argento, Director GRI 102-18 GRI 102-22… Leer más »Board of Directors in 2020

Waste management

Waste management Growing concerns about waste generation and its impact on the environment have led us to develop a long-term strategy to implement circular economy practices for waste management. We develop our initiatives with the active participation of contractors and suppliers, creating synergies that take… Leer más »Waste management


Biodiversity Conserving ecosystems is fundamental to global sustainability. We recognize Colombia’s status as one of the world’s mega-diverse countries and understand the importance of its ecosystems for the planet. Moreover, we recognize that our exploration and production activities take place in remote and environmentally sensitive… Leer más »Biodiversity

Climate change strategy

Climate change strategy Climate change is the result of the human activities of a growing world population that have led to exponential increases in energy consumption as economies and societies develop. In addition to the gases naturally released into the atmosphere, there has been an… Leer más »Climate change strategy

TCFD index

TCFD Disclosure TCFD_Disclosure Governance+B3:D21 Disclosure / Explanation Disclose the organization’s governance around climate-related risks and opportunities. Board’s oversight of climate-related risks and opportunities A cleaner energy future. Climate change strategy. Corporate governance structure for addressing climate change, Page 24 Management’s role in assessing and managing… Leer más »TCFD index

SASB index

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index TABLA-(SASB)_Index Topic Code Accounting metric Category Unit of measure Canacol disclosure Greenhouse Gas Emissions SASB EM-EP-110a.1 Gross global Scope 1 emissions, percentage methane, percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations Quantitative Metric tons CO2-e (t), Percentage (%) Key indicators. GHG emissions… Leer más »SASB index